Sacramento state University

official space X Contenders

1 out of 47 International teams qualified to compete in Space X Hyperloop Competition III in Summer 2018

Officially Competing in Hyperloop Competition IV in Summer 2019!


Our mission.

Imagine traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 30 minutes, or Paris to London in 15 Minutes. Imagine breaking the sound barrier and not even knowing it. We are helping make this a reality by participating in the International Hyperloop Competition. Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system initially proposed by SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk where you rocket down a vacuum tube at the speed of sound!

To accelerate its development, SpaceX is holding its fourth annual student competition to design their own scaled down Hyperloop pods to compete on a test track in 2019. 

What is Hornet Hyperloop?

Hornet Hyperloop is a Sacramento State Student club competing in the official SpaceX Competition. Our goal is to design and build a safe pod to run in the Final Competition. We where able to attend the 2017 competition focusing on the levitation subsystem, a passive, modular, magnetically levitating system using permanent magnets. This year, we have more members, more ideas, and we will not stop.


actively seeking mentors...

Are you a professional in the field of mechanical, electrical, structural, controls or software engineering? Hornet Hyperloop is proactively seeking corporate sponsors as well as professional mentors as technical resources. Our dedicated group of team members are self-driven and would benefit greatly from industry standard expertise.